OTD Wrapped: Fall 2023 Semester Recap

OTD Wrapped: Fall 2023 Semester Recap

Dear Oil Thigh Designs Community,

That’s a wrap on the fall semester! As we take a break to focus on exams and unwind during winter break, we are thrilled to look back on such an action-packed past couple of months. We've had a whirlwind of experiences that we can't wait to share with you in our "OTD Wrapped: Fall Semester Recap."

New Beginnings:

We kicked off the semester by finalizing our 2023/24 executive team – led by our co-chairs, Ariane, Davis, and Cooper, the team consists of 44 passionate individuals, dedicated to taking OTD to new heights. Across 6 portfolios, we set many ambitious goals and discussed strategic initiatives to elevate our impact. We also welcomed three talented first-year students to our team. Reka, Steven, and Cate dove head-first into our frosh mentorship program, where they have been working on projects across our marketing, e-commerce, and business development portfolios. Their energy and fresh perspectives have been pivotal in our continued success and motivation. 

Core Collection Launch:

In September, we launched our much-anticipated Core Collection. Featuring freshly designed hoodies, crews, t-shirts, and long sleeves, our pieces became an instant hit on campus. We took to the streets (and the pier) with pop-ups, giving everyone a chance to snag a piece of the OTD magic. The support we received was overwhelming, and we can't express enough gratitude to everyone who supported us.


Homecoming Hype:

Homecoming brought a wave of excitement to campus as we introduced our brand-new HOCO collection. Demand was very high as everyone sought to gear up for this big day. The online pre-sale for our iconic baby tees sold out in a matter of days! We’d like to think this year's HOCO festivities were *extra* spirited thanks to all the OTD merch gracing the streets.

Smith Sale: 

Our highly anticipated Smith Sale returned! With 4 different colors to choose from, our custom quarter-zips remained a well-loved item by commerce students. Throughout the two sales, we successfully fulfilled and processed an impressive tally of over 270 orders!

Community Engagement and Giving Back:

Beyond our clothing drops, we actively participated in campus events that brought us closer to the Queen's community. At the Tricolour Classic basketball game, we proudly donated $25,000 to the cause, demonstrating our commitment to giving back. As part of Merch Madness, our team members distributed OTD merch to the crowd, adding an extra layer of excitement. A special shoutout to Mark and Daniel, two of our executive members, who showcased their talents on the basketball court.

Leather Jacket Sale:

Our annual leather jacket sale was a testament to the rich history and traditions associated with these iconic pieces. Current commerce students and alumni seized the opportunity to order these high-quality garments, fostering a sense of connection to the OTD legacy.

Two Queens students posing in Commerce leather jackets

Custom Sales:

Meanwhile, our customs team was hard at work fulfilling approximately 15 custom orders for various clubs on campus, further showcasing the versatility of our designs.

Celebrating Wins and Building Bonds:

Amidst the hustle, we made time for some fun with multiple team socials. Our tight-knit and inclusive culture was exemplified in our highly anticipated socials. These gatherings were more than just celebrations; they were opportunities to bond and celebrate our work. We are immensely grateful to everyone on our executive team who continuously worked hard and showed their commitment to bettering the business (even while navigating busy school schedules). 

Finally, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to each customer and supporter of the OTD community. Your enthusiasm fuels our passion and our ability to give back to important causes. 

The year isn't over just yet - more clothing, school spirit, and social impact are in the works. Follow our social media to stay up-to-date on all the exciting things we are cookin’ up…

Wishing you all a wonderful break. 

With gratitude (and luv),

The 23/24 OTD Team

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