"Queen’s University is situated on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory.”
Oil Thigh Designs is Queen’s University’s leading student-run retailer and social enterprise, specializing in producing customized and promotional apparel. We serve over 180 student groups and organizations yearly, as well as the Queen's Community at large. 100% of our proceeds are donated to various local and global charities. Visit us in-person in the Lower JDUC or at one of our various pop-up sales around Queen's Campus! If you don't have time to visit just yet, purchase an item online and we'll set it aside for you to pick up in-store.
Real Innovation. Real Impact.
As a fully functioning retailer, our team is consistently challenged to develop innovative solutions to meet rising consumer demands in a competitive apparel marketplace. Whether implementing new operational efficiencies or launching targeted marketing campaigns, we identify, analyze, and capitalize on business development opportunities wherever available. Of course, the heart of OTD’s success revolves around our team’s passion for creating meaningful and impactful positive change in society through charitable donations.

Our History

Founded in 1994, Oil Thigh Designs was first established to produce the iconic Commerce leather jackets. The name “Oil Thigh” was derived from the University’s Gaelic football fight song. In April of 2009, the Queen’s Commerce Society unanimously ratified OTD as its first official business. Since then, OTD has grown tremendously, expanding its business operations to produce customized orders, year-round retail collections, faulty merchandise, and popular Homecoming / St. Patrick's Day garments.