About Us

Oil Thigh Designs (OTD) is situated on the unceded traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, and following a forced relocation, the Haudenosaunee, peoples.

At OTD, we acknowledge that this land continues to be the home of the Anishinaabe and the Haudenosaunee, as well as for a significant community for Métis and Indigenous Peoples from other nations across Turtle Island. In 1783, this land was colonized through the deed known as the 'Crawford Purchase,' a historical event that shapes our present.

As Queen's University students, we urge you to consider how Canada's current prosperity is directly tied to the oppression and violent colonization of Indigenous peoples. The effects of these actions are ongoing, and it is our duty as the incoming generation of young workers to learn about the territories we occupy, and the Indigenous Peoples’ lands we are now situated on. At OTD, we are committed to working towards a relationship that fosters reconciliation and continuous growth and learning with our surrounding community.

Real People. Real Innovation. Real Impact.

As a fully functioning retailer, our team is consistently challenged to develop innovative solutions to meet rising consumer demands in a competitive apparel marketplace. Whether it is through implementing new operational efficiencies, or through launching targeted marketing campaigns, we identify, analyze, and capitalize on the business' development opportunities wherever available.

Of course, the heart of OTD’s success revolves around our team’s passion for creating meaningful and impactful positive change in society through charitable donations.