The History of the Famous Commerce Leather Jacket

The History of the Famous Commerce Leather Jacket


For over 130 years, Queen’s students have used fashion to show their connection to Queen’s. According to the Queen’s University Encyclopedia, Queen’s merchandise has evolved through stages: in 1884 the AMS chose it’s tricolour palette; in the 1900s tricolour sweaters and scarves gained prominence on campus; in 1925 the tam was adopted and Queen’s designated specific colours to represent each faculty; and in 1950 faculty jackets were introduced. According to Queen’s University Encyclopedia, the jackets were inspired by the camaraderie of military uniforms. 

The jackets have developed into a longstanding tradition. Each faculty now has a slightly different jacket and bars are now added to show the discipline of study and the unique experience of the student. 

Beyond the university, the jackets have transformed into a visible testament of one’s association with Queen’s. On campus, each homecoming evolved into a showcase of previous classes donning their heritage jackets, while students personalized their jackets over time with distinctive details. 

Community & Tradition

The jackets serve as a representation that you are part of a unique community. Having and wearing a Queen’s leather jacket signifies a sense of belonging regardless of individual background, academic pursuits, or extracurricular activities. Having the ability to enhance the jackets with personalized elements such as department crests, jacket bars, graduation year, club mottos, flags, and program affiliations further emphasizes one’s unique position within the campus environment. 

A longstanding tradition at Queen’s includes earning the right to wear the jacket. First years must wait until exams are done before wearing it! Jackets can be attached with a pass crest on the right shoulder.  Embracing the ever-evolving nature of personal narratives, the jacket serves as a dynamic canvas that captures the student’s journey. We encourage all students to participate in this rich tradition and proudly represent their role within the Queen’s Community!


OTD plays an essential role in the Commerce leather jackets. We design the Commerce crest and facilitate the fittings of each garment. Quality, durability, and fit are our top priorities for each customer. Whether your jacket is an everyday staple or rather memorabilia from your time at Queens, OTD ensures that each student has a lasting symbol to celebrate their journey through the Smith School of Business. And as always, 100% of the proceeds from our leather jacket sales are donated to charities. 

How To Order

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