The Students Helping Students Award

The Students Helping Students Award

As a student at the Smith School of Business, you have the potential to unlock a myriad of opportunities.

Recently, Oil Thigh Designs has announced they will be supporting a new Queen's admissions bursary known as the Students Helping Students Award. This initiative was fostered through collaboration with the Queen’s University Investment Counsel (QUIC) and CREO Solutions. At the surface level, each of these student-led clubs serve very different purposes, ranging in the areas of retail, consulting, and finance. Yet despite these disciplinary differences, they have found alignment through their common goal to support students in need.

 As students themselves, members of these organizations can understand the feelings of pressure and uncertainty that often arise when starting your undergraduate career. These feelings are only amplified when dealing with uncontrollable factors such as financial instability. The Students Helping Students Award stems from the idea that no student should begin their journey at the Smith School of Business limited by financial struggles. 

Clubs such as OTD, QUIC and CREO are valuable outlets for students to explore their ambitions and find opportunities for growth beyond the classroom. They serve as a network of students channelling their talents and interest into meaningful outputs and support-systems for one-another. This notion has been embedded in the core purpose of the bursary. Students of all backgrounds should be able to explore their unbounded ambitions as they begin their journey in the Commerce program.

 “Ultimately, university is so much more than attending classes. What makes your experience is the people. They’re the ones making every day so special, whether it’s having a spirited debate in class, leaning on your close friends for support, or walking around Goodes and feeling the “buzz” of activity. The Students Helping Students Award is a way for us to thank our peers for being what makes the Queen’s experience so great and ensure individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds can access the incredible privileges being a Smith and Queen’s student affords you” states Sheel Dalal, Co-Chair of Oil Thigh Designs.

This $15,000 fund will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and community involvement to students entering their first year of the Commerce degree program. First preference will be given to students with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship. To extend the longevity of the award, the funds will be dispersed at an annual rate of $3,000 for at least the first 5 years.

OTD, QUIC, and CREO are confident this award is a valuable step in continuing to serve a purpose of having a meaningful impact in the Queen’s community and beyond. OTD strives to celebrate your potential at Queen’s with initiatives such as the Students Helping Students Award and with our apparel. That being said, don’t forget to visit our store on the lower level of the JDUC to find the perfect clothes to rep your Queen’s pride!

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