Why join Oil Thigh Designs?

Why join Oil Thigh Designs?

Founded in 1994, Oil Thigh Designs – Queen’s University’s fully student-run and non-profit retailer dominates the sector of customized and promotional apparel. OTD serves over 180 student organizations along with the Kingston community as a whole. 100% of our proceeds are donated to chosen charities on both the local and global scale. Since our inception, we’ve donated $135,000 to various global and local charities!

With a team of over 30 executives, comprehensive weekly meetings take place to ensure that the finest service is provided to OTD’s customers. Divided into 6 sectors of Internal, Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, Consulting and Finance, OTD is managed by its 3 Managing Directors, Cormac Doyle, Mackenzie Walsh, and Tyler Dolan.  

First-Year Hiring is quickly approaching - we were thrilled to meet some of the first-years at the First-Year fair last week, and we are equally excited to see your applications come through! 

To give you some context on who we are, we asked 2 executives on the team why it’s so worth it to join OTD. This is what Davis Wilkie from Internal Operations had to say.

“Locke Williams – OTD’s People and Culture Director was my first year Boss. In conversation he mentioned how impactful OTD was to his Queen’s experience and the network of friends he made through the club. I ended applying based on his word without even knowing what the club really did. Going into my third year on OTD all I can say are amazing things about this family of students and the exceptional cause we work for every day.” 

While Wilkie based his decision on word of mouth from an existing executive of the team, Hunter Weiztman of the E-Commerce Team reached his verdict through the type of organization we pride ourselves to be – those wanting to make a difference in the world through our community. 

“Why OTD specifically? Well that stems from being driven to work with a greater social purpose. For three years (pre-COVID), I went on mission trips to a Native reserve in Northern Ontario called Weagamow. My team that goes is called Hope Through Hockey, and we spend a week in the community with the goal to teach them hockey, but truly, the real purpose is to bring hope to the community. It has been an experience that changed my perspective on many things in life and to have the opportunity to be a part of a club that works to help others and create change was why I joined OTD.”

OTD is thrilled to be extending our family with First-Year Representative Hiring with written applications going live on September 18th, and interviews taking place starting September 26th! Found out more on our Instagram!

Get pumped for upcoming collections launching throughout the year! 

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