Your Favourite Queen’s Retailer

Your Favourite Queen’s Retailer

Who are we? 

Established in 1994, Oil Thigh Designs is not your average Queen’s retailer. Not only are we 100% student-run, but we are also entirely not-for-profit. All our profits are donated to charities chosen by our staff & customers! Our team consists of students passionate about making a meaningful impact during their time at Queen’s.  

One of OTD’s 2020/2021 Donations to Almost Home KingstonOne of OTD’s 2020/2021 Donations to Almost Home Kingston


What do we do?

While you may know us from our huge HOCO & St. Patrick’s Day sales, we also have tons of offerings all year-round. Here’s a rundown on what we do: 


  • Custom Sales

OTD has a custom sales team dedicated to helping you customize garments, whether it’s for a club, sports team, event, or anything in between! Check out our ‘Custom Orders’ tab to get in touch & chat about what we can do for you. 

Custom Ordered Q-Zip for SBBACustom Ordered Q-Zip for SBBA


  • Year-Round Retail Sales

Whenever you visit us in-store or check out our website, you can expect to see our core collection! These are our year-round retail garments that are always available for purchase. Perfect for your friend visiting Queen’s, a present for a family member, or just cause!  

2020/2021 Core Collection

2020/2021 Core Collection


  • Homecoming & St. Patrick’s Day Sales

Our HOCO and St. Pat's collections are iconic for a reason. With different designs and styles every year, we always have a line out the door! 

2021 Homecoming Collection2021 Homecoming Collection

2019 St Patrick’s Day Collection2019 St Patrick’s Day Collection


  • Special Sales 

We have consistent special sales that show up every year, like our leather jacket and Smith q-zip sale, but we also have new ones that change year-to-year. Last year was our Streetwear sale! Stay tuned for what we have in store in 2022 ;) 

Customized Smith Q-Zip Customized Smith Q-Zip 

2020’s Made-to-order Streetwear Sale with Street or Address Customization

2020’s Made-to-order Streetwear Sale with Street or Address Customization

  • Events 

Our yearly OTD Birthday Bash is a tradition to celebrate our creation (March of 1994)! We also host mini pop-up shops throughout campus and are involved in events that differ each year!

22nd Annual Birthday Bash in 201722nd Annual Birthday Bash in 2017


We hope you learned a little something about OTD & all the ways you can support us. 

Don’t forget that since we’re a non-profit, you can shop completely guilt-free! 

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